Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ich habe eine Ohrwurm

Just when you think it can't get any weirder, that's when the Thai guy walks by wearing a 'My Man Mitch' t-shirt; complete with dreadlocks and a long drag on a cigarette. 0_o

I experienced a Thai aerobics class yesterday. The instructor was wearing a pink tank top with Jesus on it - crown of thorns and all. I don't think I kept up too well - but I wasn't the only one - though I was the only farang. The class was a kind of partially choreographed, slight hip-hop super mix, with a bit of belly dance and Thai style thrown in. The instructor was male - and so I had to work hard not to burst out laughing when he would bust out a falsetto, English song lyric. Songs included: Christina Aguilera - Candyman, a Panjabi MC mix with other techno/80s sampling, Beyonce - Single Ladies, and our cool down was Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon. All from the instructor's iPhone or iPod, not sure which - I certainly can't criticize his taste in music with that mash up, and considering it's an aerobics class.
My favorite song lyrics as added to the class by the instructor's voice included: "I'm not that kind of girl," multiple "then you shoulda put a ring on it," and of course "everybody dance now" - in the exact same tone and octave as the original. The instructor was almost as much of a trip as trying to figure out what move to do next.

I've visited a variation on Sam's Club, Makro, twice now - and thank goodness for it. Way cheaper than other places I've been going - and NO HAGGLING. Phew. Operation Rice Cooker, now complete - it looks like the rice cooker is going to become my do it all sort of crock pot slow cooker (plus small veggie steamer on the top). I resisted the urge to buy Maneki Neko brand (Japanese beckoning cat - NOT Chinese, my bad a few months back), because while I am a cat person, I chose a better looking model, different brand, for the same price of 399 Baht (approx. 15 dollars atm). If you're curious, check out the Maneki Neko legend.

Heh, two small tables and a microwave (two turn tables and a microphone)...and a rice cooker. That totally screws up my rhythm. Oh well.

Also, Ohrwurm - German: a portion of a song or other music that repeats compulsively within one's mind, put colloquially as "music being stuck in one's head." Literally "Earworm" in English. This tidbit shared with the office by my German colleague a few weeks back.

I don't think Dj Earworm's name is a coincidence.
Strangely, having this hyper pop earworm isn't bothering me yet. Either I'm that much in culture shock, or it's slowly imprinting my brain to drink Coca-Cola and wear cotton candy and duct tape as clothing or some such (see video), or both.

Also, apologies if my German title is wonky, I just used Google Translate, and switched to ohrwurm myself when google didn't recognize it.

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