Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day at a Thai Middle School

Despite my resolve to hold off on posting for awhile, I simply cannot pass up documenting the insanity of Valentine's Day in a Thai Middle School. Let me preface by saying that without photographic evidence I cannot do this scene justice.
There are heart shaped stickers everywhere. Mainly on the school uniforms of my students - boys, girls, orientation, doesn't matter. Several students have about half of the front of their school uniform shirt completely plastered with heart stickers. Photos, huge stuffed animals, candy, flowers - the school is practically having a party in the corridor between classes, and during most of the classes from what I can tell.
It's good the headmistress is preoccupied with interviewing potential students for next year with her general outlook on student relationships; though I noticed not even she has escaped the stickers. I have fourteen heart stickers from students on my shirt right now.
And I am so glad today is over.

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  1. There is never enough Love in the world, what a wonderful idea.