Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cat Spy Headquarters

There is a family of cats that lives in the roof above my classroom. I guess no one has read them the section of the student handbook that expressly forbids stray animals at school (unless they are science laboratory experiments and kept in the classroom…)
But really, I think the mama cat and her litter of two have the right idea.

They make the school a better place in several ways.
They keep the mouse/rat population down.
They provide entertainment during assembly by wrestling with each other and attacking mama cat’s tail on the rooftop.
They provide creative inspiration – one of my students has informed me that the cabinet under the stairs is cat spy headquarters.
They don’t ask questions.
They don’t tell lies.
When there are unexplained bumping noises coming from my ceiling I can think to myself, oh that’s just the cats.

The cat family doesn’t bother to take the school handbook too seriously, get bent out of shape over deadlines or perpetually rescheduled meetings.
When mama cat is annoyed, she just hisses at you – end of discussion.

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