Saturday, November 15, 2014


Have you ever found, that when you're supposed to be doing a dozen different things - and you're paralyzed by the amount to do - that stopping to help someone else with an issue that is not on that list, in essence, stalling, is actually more fulfilling than completing any of the work you were meant to do?

Is it that misplaced motivation spurs us to complete long dormant tasks, and we feel relief; is it that we feel a greater sense of accomplishment from helping another person than checking off a monotonous task, such as creating a spreadsheet? Or is it something deeper, that in fact - none of what we're supposed to be doing really matters, and that simple act of helping another is actually more fulfilling than the work we are actually tasked with completing?

I mentioned to a colleague that I felt another colleague of ours is bogged down. He responded with "well, I better not make it worse, I better stop coming to her for advice." No! Do not stop sidetracking her! Perhaps, it is that very thing that gives her day a bit of life's blood back, a bit of meaning and fulfillment - perhaps, is it the sidetrack that is what matters.

When you're feeling derailed, and uncertain where to turn - perhaps, perhaps dear traveler - keep following the bend in the path deemed the wrong way, and see where the side track leads.

For all the cajoling to turn back, to change course - well meaning, well advised, ill advised - perhaps it is the feeling in the pit of our stomach that leads us in the night. Perhaps it knows the course better than we can surmise.

I cannot see the stars. But I feel in my gut - there is something here.
Keep wandering, traveler.

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