Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take it For Granted

I went to the doctor today.
Had that blood work done.
Meds. What did I eat this time? Who knows.
Another appointment next week.
Since I’m now enrolled in Thai social, I didn’t pay anything.
Everyone accommodated my lack of Thai language.
English signs, help in the cafeteria while waiting for blood work.
Friendly taxis of late, conversations in Thai without harassment.
Appreciation that I’m teaching English.

Another teacher was shot in the south of Thailand today.
Teachers ride to work in escorted convoys because of insurgent violence there.
He was 38, riding home alone after extra English lessons.

So I have to wear a skirt, and don’t know what’s going on more often than not.
Would I ride in a convoy to teach?

I can afford my healthcare now.
I’m employed.
And I’m not getting shot at.

In another six weeks, I finally get to see Chiang Mai with my best friend.
Monsoon season and Bangkok smog may be getting me down, but overall that’s not so bad.


  1. Hey! I've been making banana ginger and banana strawberry ginger smoothies (sometimes with kale) all the time! They are delisioso!

  2. They are indeed. Another good one- coconut tamarind. :-)